Thoughts On Prayer

Making no bones about this one, this note, or blog is totally for my benefit. These writings, help me get mind sorted out and get it around things that I have been puzzling over and thinking about. I have talked to a few people, and I am looking forward to their thoughts, and appreciate any other insight from them and others as well.

So, I have been pondering and thinking about prayer for awhile now, and it is no secret to some that I have been struggling with this subject for awhile. In a nutshell, I have always had a problem with prayer. I honestly have a hard time seeing the point so to speak, as I have understood it. I can’t understand the reality of begging God for either material things, or a miraculous health cure, which may result in a life being spared. I never could bring myself to keep asking for something over and over again. I think we can ask God for these things, but I have to say, I just feel that the “Thy will be done…” is what we have to accept.

Well, long story short, tonight I have kind of received some peace on the subject. At least I can live with this. The following verse jumped in my head with an answer that has given me some comfort.

Matthew 7:7-8 (NASB)

Prayer and the Golden Rule

7“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8“For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

I think prayer is not meant for begging something from God. It is simply communication and speaking to someone. We are told to speak to God as a father. Jesus being our brother and intercessor who helps by standing in interceding for us. The approach is one of asking and knocking. What I found out in the Vine’s Dictionary, is that these verses mean what they say. I did not find pleading and begging, but just simply asking in a controlled voice and manner. Then what follows is that we must have the maturity to accept whatever the outcome of the situation. In terms of miraculous healing, whether God heals us or not, God is going to do what he is going to do. Man is not going to live forever in this body, and a healing, while possible, may not always be in his will for us.

I think we have to come to a place of being able to trust and know that God does know what outcomes can happen when He is asked for something. He will pick the best outcome whether we see it at the present time or not. This goes along with the other verses that speak to the fact that a thing granted contributes to spreading His message, even though its side effect can be good for us too. God has promised that for his people, He will enter into the situation and work it out for our good. His ways are not our ways, and he lets bad things happen to good people, not causes, but lets.

I am at peace, understanding that since God truly knows everything and what I need, that whatever comes forward for me to face, I am going to face it with a confidence and assurance that whatever the outcome He’s in control and He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. God has given me a tremendous family made up of “related” people, but also brothers and sisters in Christ too. I will not have to face it alone. If something is supposed to happen, then I’ll accept it, because I know who holds all of this in their hands and He’ll get me through.

Grace and Peace,


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