The World Needs Salty Christians

As I look around the religious world currently, I am disappointed by what I find.  Few pastors or preachers on the national scene are preaching a gospel of faith, grace, and trust in Jesus. What I do keep stumbling upon are pastors who are preaching a health-and-wealth gospel and preaching works based “salvation”and a works based walk with Christ.  I am also finding humanistic messages, social gospels, with little or no mention of Christ.  What we need are more men of conviction and faith to preach and spread the gospel as it is presented in the Bible.

I always wondered if someone would pick up the mantle and follow Doc, my old pastor, and continue his teachings. It is with that thought in my head that I decided that I am going to pick up my old books, re-watch and listen to those old recordings and try and be that voice that I think needs to be out there.  I thought for awhile that his wife would, but sadly she has not. I am disappointed in her and how she has handled the recordings of his work and his writings.  He always said that he wanted his voice out there 24-7, for as long as possible, and it has all but fallen silent.  Very few individuals I have heard are preaching grace, aside from family and friends.

I have, therefore, decided to do my part and pick up some of his teachings.  I am not adding to them, but I wish to share them and my own personal take on a few things along the way.  They say the sincerest form of flattery is imitation and, if that is the case, I am preparing to do just that.  Having said that, I am in no way comparing myself to him and do not wish to act like him.  He was a unique individual of whom I have not saw the like of before, nor do I think we will see in the future.  God calls unique men and women at different times with special talents and skills to serve in that time they are called.  I only want to walk simply and worthily of my Lord who has called out to me.

As I have written in my last article, time is a precious gift.  It’s not something we can ever get back once it is used up, either for good or for folly.  Pastor Josh, preached a sermon about focusing on the ‘Now’ and forgetting the past so you can build up a better ‘Later.’  If you read the Bible, you find out that God will reward us in that ‘Later’ for what we did with our talents in the ‘Now’ that we are living.  So, I am deciding to step out in faith and go for it.  Doc said we need ‘salty Christians’ to stand out and preach the gospel.  Salt gives flavor and is noticed.  We shouldn’t hide out in the mediocrity and mundane “soup of the world” like Satan wishes we would.

My charge then, to all, is to start prayerfully looking at the walk that God has put you on.  I ‘faithe’ and pray that you and I have courage to step out and start acting on the promises of God.  And that we have the boldness to step out and do what God wants us to do despite the circumstances we see in front of us.  For me, that means getting busy with my studies and producing more articles.  I’m not bold enough.  Nor am I sure if this will lead into anything like ministry.  But that is for God to decide and not myself.

I wish you all grace and peace along your walk.  May God grant you and I the boldness, strength and faith to step out and fulfill what He has called each of us to do.

 Yours in Christ,


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