The True Purpose

Hello everybody.  I would like to start off with something that has just been kind of, as they used to say, stuck in my craw.  Something that just has bothered me ever since I heard this.  A man talking about the Church said the Church has failed in its mission to transform the world.

“The True Purpose” ~ by Doyle Williams

And that’s right when I turned around and looked at my television set and started yelling things like, “That is not the business of the Church of Jesus Christ! It is not to transform the world!  The business of the Church of Jesus Christ is to make disciples!”

The transformation of the world is something that just happens when there are enough Christians out there believing.  The problem with the Church is it’s trying to transform the world instead of doing what it’s supposed to do, which is make disciples.

Folks, quit trying to transform this world.  Because this world’s system is under the influence, the power and the dominion of the prince, or power, of the air – which is Satan; the prince of darkness.  That’s the way he rules.  That’s the way he rolls.

We’re not here to transform this world.  That’s his.  Someday his world will be overthrown and replaced by the kingdom of light completely.  Some day the children of redemption will be totally redeemed, not just spiritually but completely, physically, with the rapture.  And the curse of the world will also be lifted because it says it groans waiting for the redemption or the children’s redemption.  But the world in itself it says will melt away with fervent heat and all that.  And there will be a new world, and a new heavens and that kind of stuff.

That’s not transformation people, that’s just a complete rework.  I mean, God is going to scrap it and start it all back up like He does the human body of a person who has passed away.  They’ve died. I hate to say it like this, but they decompose and then He totally takes the DNA and reassembles the person in a perfect redeemed form.  And that’s what He’s going to do to the earth, and the heavens, and the things that are shaken and destroyed.

It’s not our job to reform this world or to transform it.  We need to be out there making disciples of Christ.  That’s where we have made our mistakes.  People have been sidetracking the mission of the Church.  Lets get back to where we’re supposed to be … making disciples.

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  1. Pennie Mae says:

    First time that I didn’t mind being told that something is “none of my business”! Thanks, God, that’s a load off for me, especially because I’m not a joiner, marcher, protester, except in the cause of Christ.

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