Casting Nets

We read in the Bible that Jesus tells us to go out unto the world and become fishers of men. There seems to be a problem with modern Christianity. We no longer follow Jesus’ command. If we read the scripture and look at the process of fishing with a net then we should notice something is wrong.

The True Purpose

Hello everybody.  I would like to start off with something that has just been kind of, as they used to say, stuck in my craw.  Something that just has bothered me ever since I heard this.  A man talking about the Church said the Church has failed in its mission to transform the world.

The Way of the Master

150,000 people die every 24 hours – most without the Savior. Those at The Way of the Master are deeply concerned that so few Christians reach out to the lost. Statistics show that this is as low as 5%. One of the reasons for this is that many don’t feel equipped. As a ministry, their sole purpose is to inspire and equip Christians – to teach them how to share the gospel simply, effectively, biblically…