A Lesson Learned From A Child’s Coloring Sheet

“Our thoughts, pictures, and ways are corrupted because we and the world have been tainted with sin.”

The World Needs Salty Christians

As I look around the religious world currently, I am disappointed by what I find.  Few pastors or preachers on the national scene are preaching a gospel of faith, grace, and trust in Jesus. What I do keep stumbling upon are pastors who are preaching a health-and-wealth gospel and preaching works based “salvation”and a works based walk with Christ.  I am also finding humanistic messages, social gospels, with little or no mention of Christ.  What…

Got Ears?

This is a transcript of a sermon by Pastor Doyle Williams from January 22, 2012.

A Patchwork Life

My previous article dealt with Adam’s sin being attached to us. I am thankful that “The Creator of Everything” had spoken another plan into existence that dealt with our redemption. The Law and the idea of the “Kinsman Redeemer.” Let me throw in a “caveat” here. Adam was not forced into the fall by God. Adam had free choice. See, being able to see the future does not mean that the outcome is “fixed” by…

Rain Falls

Why am I in trouble? I’ve not felt like writing for some time now. You know that old adage, “Life gets in the way,” well it’s true. And even though it gets to be a tired excuse sometimes, that is exactly what happens to us. I think the main reason that this holds is that we are in a situation on this Earth where it becomes impossible to maintain that “up” connection with God sometimes….

All Things Are Lawful For Me!

Yes, ALL Things! Now this isn’t the message that I was looking to write tonight, but here it is. Like it or hate it, it is what it is. I have been digging back into a set of tapes, an album actually of Dr. Scott’s teaching on Paul’s writings in the New Testament. And I think it is pertinent that I fill you in on a point of Paul’s that I do agree with. When…

Snow Covered Cars: A Metaphor for Grace?

Let me begin by saying that I am working on my next ‘sin’ article but, being winter and seeing this snow, I am reminded of something that has struck me every winter for quite some time now. It is my best attempt at taking a natural event, reading something into it and applying it to my life. I know that it is not perfect and it has evolved over the years, but it is something…