Wait Till It’s Free

“Wait Till It’s Free” is an entertaining and provocative look at the current healthcare crisis. This film takes a hard and honest look at the way we do healthcare in America by looking at every relevant aspect of modern medicine, from the escalating cost of health insurance to the move towards universal government healthcare.

A Nation of Fools

Only two weeks before the looming tax deadline, we find ourselves at a day originally defined by an argument during the middle-ages over when the new year began. Those that celebrated the new year on the 1st of January mocked those that held a weeklong celebration that ended on the 1st of April. Now we have our elected leaders in both Springfield/Chicago and Washington, D.C. mocking our common sense with their continued fiscal recklessness.

Taking Our Rights for Granted

No country on Earth has as much freedom as the United States of America. Yet no country seems to have as much apathy for a right that other nations cherish and hold dear. One of those rights is the right to vote. Granted, it took over a century for tradition to change and full suffrage to be enacted for half the population. But today any adult U.S. citizen not convicted of a felony has the…

Hold Fast To That Which Is Good

1 Thessalonians 5:21 But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good;

American Family Radio

American Family Radio is a listener supported broadcast ministry of the American Family Association. AFR exists to be a voice for AFA to help motivate and equip individuals to restore American culture to its moral foundations. AFR does this in a variety of ways with both its music/teaching format as well as its Christian Conservative Talk format. AFR is not xenophobic as we are a platform for other ministry partners such as James Dobson’s Family…