Doyle Williams

Doyle Williams

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Doyle is a graduate of Moody Bible College in Chicago, IL

Currently: Pastor @ Glenwood Church – Noble, IL

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7 thoughts on “Doyle Williams”

  1. Rodney Mayberry says:

    Pastor Doyle is a great teacher and someone you can start to understand what the bible is meaning and how we are to be using it.

    1. Rodney Mayberry says:

      Pastor Doyle, I really do enjoy listening to you teach us and I am just wanting to let you know YOUR support for me and my family has made us want to go out and make disciples of this world; and one way we can do that is by going out and spreading the word. I have been studying to be a pastor. It is an online deal that is good everywhere. I am going to work on doing it to go to prisons to spread the word. Your support and leadership has pushed me to believe I can do this and I will do this with God’s love and help.

  2. Rodney Mayberry says:

    I would like to say thank you to the Trinity Press for letting me know about the posts coming when they get the things taken care of. And I want to wish you a speedy recovery for what you’re going through personally.

  3. Justin H. says:

    Pastor Doyle is a good pastor, just like Michael; and they are both nice guys. I’m blessed to have them at our church. They will change our way to come to God and Jesus.

    1. Rodney Mayberry says:

      They are great guys to study and learn the lessons of God from; and I really enjoy that. And I really enjoy helping them out in anyway I can. And I enjoy serving our Lord with them and all the congregation at Cisne Missionary Baptist Church.

  4. Carla Helm says:

    I am so blessed to have two great preachers. Doyle and Michael are so great, I love them both. They have both taught me more things about the Bible than I’ve ever known before – since I have been attending Cisne Missionary Baptist over the past 10 to 15 years I have been going there now. I was the very first one that started there; then I got my dad to go; then my mom and brother. And we have never stopped going since. It’s a wonderful church!!!!

  5. Tammie Lucas > “Jesus Get In My Boat” My favorite ~ and much needed! Praise God ~ Thank You Jesus ~ and God Bless You Doyle! (posted on Pastor Doyle Williams’ Facebook Page)

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