Rules of Interpretation

The early Church insisted the Bible be understood by its historical & grammatical meaning and that interpretations be justified.

Here are 7 Rules of Biblical Interpretation:

  1. The literal method of Biblical interpretation is to accept the basic literal rendering of a sentence.
  2. That is unless the context makes that impossible – like parables, symbolism or turns-of-phrase.
  3. Words are to be understood by the sentence that contains them. 
  4. Compare scripture with scripture on any given topic.
  5. The clearest passage on a subject interprets the more obscure passage.
  6. Pay attention to grammar and figures-of-speech.
  7. God speaks to be understood by the people to whom he is speaking. He will speak in their cultural terms.

Beware of people who drop literal principles of interpretation by claiming the church, a holy person or prophet supersedes scripture. They don’t.

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