Acts of the Word ~ with Marquis Laughlin   •   Dramatized recitations of the Word of God!

American Family Radio   •   Broadcast arm of the American Family Association.

American Heritage Girls   •   A Christian alternative to the Girl Scouts!

Answers in Genesis   •   “Believing IT. Defending IT. Proclaiming IT.”

BibleGateway   •   Over 20 English Bible translations available.   •   Because TRUTH matters.   •   Official site of Creation Ministries International.

Creation Truth Foundation • Biblical Worldview Development Founded in Genesis. Teaching disciples to trust the Bible’s history for its accuracy, so they will trust its promise for their Destiny.

Cross Examined   •   Apologetics with Dr. Frank Turek of “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist”

InContext   •   Christian T-Shirts, Sweats, Mugs, Calendars, Posters, Prints, & much more!

Kids4Truth   •   Amazing multimedia dynamations about our awesome GOD!

Lee Strobel   •   Video apologetics from a former atheist.

NRB Network   •   On a determined mission to broadcast innovative, relevant programming that entertains, educates, and embraces biblical truth.

National Rifle Association   •   The foremost defender of Second Amendment rights and the premier firearms education organization in the world.

One News Now   •   Your latest news from a Christian perspective!

Pastor Doyle  •  Audio Sermons from Pastor Doyle Williams

PragerU • Five minute videos that promote America’s Judeo-Christian values of Freedom of Speech, a Free Press, Free Markets, and a Strong Military to protect and project those values.

Tim Hawkins   •   Clean … Christian … Comedy.

Trail Life USA   •   A Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts!

Understand the Times (with Roger Oakland)   •   An international missionary outreach dedicated to evangelizing the lost and equipping the Church for discernment.

The Voice of the Martyrs /   •   A global perspective on the persecution of GOD’s children.

The Way of the Master (with Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron)   •   Learn how to share the Gospel simply, effectively, biblically … the way Jesus did.