For Want Of A Nail

We all feel inadequate during the many seasons of our lives. This can be in spiritual matters or in the physical day to day issues. I think all Christians want to make a difference for the kingdom of God. We all want to do “BIG!” things for Christ. But we know from observations of others in life that we are not all going to be “Billy Graham.”

God can, however, use you and your specific talents to do something. It might not be how you want to be used, and it might not be how you think it should happen, but it will happen. We are told that we are to be patient and wait upon the Lord and then accept the path He has laid out for us.

Now before you despair on how God might not use you in a “BIG” way, I want to point out what I have been coming to understand. You are important to God. In some cases you are more important than those that you have esteemed more important than yourself.

I want to show this by sharing with you the following two pieces of literature. The first piece I am going to give you comes from a long dead pastor who authored the book I purchased at an antique store. The second is a poem that I first learned through a short mini-series of comic book characters from DC Comics.

Be A Stick is the title of a small story/sermon from that little book from the antique shop. I mentioned it several articles back and I have found it to be filled with a lot of helpful stories like this. The story revolves around a pastor and a Sunday school teacher. It is a cute little anecdote about the teacher and her feelings of non-importance in God’s plan.

One Sunday after listening to her bemoan the fact that she is as worthless as a stick, the pastor tells her to be a “stick” then. With a simple stick, God parted the Red Sea. God does great things using “simple” items and people. The apostles were nothing special. God’s work, no matter how insignificant you feel it is, is still special.

Another example of this idea can be found in the poem For Want Of A Nail.

I first read this almost 20 years ago now. And I remember how I was blown away not just by its simplicity, but also by the deeper message that applies to us. Because of the loss of one simple little nail, all is lost; everything breaks down. Everyone, great and small, needs to see how God has woven all of us together. And these great people may not be as important as that teacher in the middle of nowhere teaching a simple class on the Bible.

You may only reach a handful of people, but perhaps one of those people will go on to change the world. God’s gifts and callings are without repentance, so He has called you to do His will and His job. You are just as important as some multi-million dollar ministry, successful Christian author, or teacher.

There are no small jobs. Your reward may be small here on Earth, but could be huge in eternity. Those who are now first, will be last. And many who are now last will be first. It’s always a question of time versus eternity in what we choose to do with our lives now. We never know how our words and deeds will echo through eternity.

Make your ripples here and now. Do your work that God has given you and quit worrying about everyone else. Be a STICK! Be a NAIL! Be the thing God has called YOU to be!

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