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Courageous is produced by Sherwood Pictures, the same people that brought us Flywheel (2003), Facing the Giants (2006) & Fireproof (2008). Founded in 2002 by Alex Kendrick, Sherwood Pictures is predominantly comprised of members of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Kendrick, the associate pastor of media for Sherwood Baptist, and his brother, Stephen, have written and produced all four films put out by Sherwood Pictures. And, with the exception of Kirk Cameron in Fireproof, Alex Kendrick has directed and played the lead role in each of the films.

Filmed in and around Albany, Georgia; Courageous examine the struggles of five men, four of them members of the Sheriff’s department, in their roles as fathers. The film highlights the statistic that more that 70% of crimes are committed by those from fatherless homes. Following a tragedy in their group, one of the men, played by Alex Kendrick, begins to reexamine what his role as a father should be. This inspires the other men to do likewise, with varying results.

Courageous examines the impact of drug crime violence, fatherlessness and teen dating in a way that shows the influence a father can have on his children. The scenes involving the “bad guys” were as well acted and filmed as the rest of the movie. There was none of the hokiness that would make it feel like an after-school special. Yet, it wasn’t until after the film was over that I realized I could not recall a single profanity or obscenity in the entire movie. And it didn’t detract from the films impact at all. Hear that Hollywood?

Too often, Christians in the entertainment world produce mediocre content compared to the secular world and expect the Christian community to embrace their efforts solely because it has a Christian message. This squanders the talents God gave us and gives a false example that you can’t be Christian and be creative. Courageous shows what can be accomplished when Christians honor God with their very best efforts.

Despite opening on less than half the screens than its competitors, Courageous more than quadrupled its $2,000,000 budget on its first weekend. If you can, I highly encourage you to go see Courageous at the theater; not just to show Hollywood what a Christian film can do at the box office, but because it is an amazing movie that will leave you glad you saw it and encouraged by its message.  Simply put – Courageous is a winner.

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