Dems Attack Black Conservatives … Again

Illinois governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat, recently tweeted several messages urging voters to read an article by Chicago Sun-Times writer Neil Steinberg that compared black Republicans to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

Public Servants or Government Masters

In the formational years of the United States of America, many talented and patriotic people gave of their time and energy to serve their fellow citizens. This experiment in self-rule meant that no one was given special treatment over another.

No “Bunny” Loves You More Than God

What do bunnies, brightly colored eggs, chocolates, and the name itself have to do with what we commonly refer to as Easter? Absolutely nothing. They are just remnants of a time when early church missionaries accommodated pagan beliefs to gain converts. It worked, for the most part. But now people have a distorted view of what the holiest day in Christianity really stands for.

Mozilla CEO Ouster Shows Intolerance

Intolerance claimed another victim on the 3rd of April as Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned following a politically driven hate-storm. What horrible, ugly crime did Mr. Eich commit to bring such a wave of scorn? Did he murder someone? Abduct a child? Commit rape? No. He made the sin of giving money to support legislation protecting traditional marriage.

A Nation of Fools

Only two weeks before the looming tax deadline, we find ourselves at a day originally defined by an argument during the middle-ages over when the new year began. Those that celebrated the new year on the 1st of January mocked those that held a weeklong celebration that ended on the 1st of April. Now we have our elected leaders in both Springfield/Chicago and Washington, D.C. mocking our common sense with their continued fiscal recklessness.

Taking Our Rights for Granted

No country on Earth has as much freedom as the United States of America. Yet no country seems to have as much apathy for a right that other nations cherish and hold dear. One of those rights is the right to vote. Granted, it took over a century for tradition to change and full suffrage to be enacted for half the population. But today any adult U.S. citizen not convicted of a felony has the…

Magical Talismans

This year Illinois finally instituted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act after a federal court ruled the state ban on Concealed Carry Licenses was a violation of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Illinois began issuing the permits in the last few weeks. The first five thousand permits have been mailed, with an expected number to exceed 300,000 this year alone.

Feelings Trump Facts These Days

Facts can be troublesome things when it comes to both news articles and OpEds. They don’t change depending on how you or I feel. But the way the facts are presented, or in some cases omitted, can shape the feelings of our world – our colleges and universities in particular. Neither the journalists that write the articles or the public that reads them can completely divorce their emotions from the subject of a story. But…

Where Is The Tolerance?

Universities are supposed to be places where different ideas can be exchanged and debated in a rational manner; with tolerance shown to the other side. Is that ideal found on our college campuses?

Still Dreaming

We are in the midst of what the United States and Canada honor as Black History Month, now known in America as African-American History Month. America is a better nation because of the contributions of its black citizens.

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