Acts of the Word

Marquis Laughlin is a performance artist whose life’s work is enabling audiences to hear, see, and feel the God of the Bible, through the words of the Bible. His uniquely compelling dramatic solo Scripture presentations include 7 different books of the Bible that highlight the epic story of God’s relationship with man; Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, John’s Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, & Revelation.

He maintains an active touring schedule, and his one-man shows have been presented all over the world. Recent works include Mark’s Gospel at the Forum of Trajan in Rome Italy, and John’s Gospel at the Hampton Court Mid-Summer Festival in Hereford England.

His voice can be heard daily as the narrator for The Scriptorium-Center for Biblical Antiquities, located in Orlando, Florida.

His Acts of The Word television program and internet features can be seen daily on The NRB Network, Worship Network, and My Family TV. You can learn more about Marquis by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

He is a World Vision Artist committed to meeting the needs of the poor, as he shares the good news of the Gospel through presentations of God’s Word.

About Acts of the Word

“My life’s work is enabling people to encounter the God of the Bible, through the words of the Bible. Our ministry, Acts of the Word is a ministry department of Artists in Christian Testimony International A non-profit 403b corporation. As a missionary to the church in America I’m focused on producing strategic live events, and interactive Bible products that serve to motivate people to spend more time in the Bible, and challenges them to speak up for the preservation of the Bible in our culture.

I believe the weakness of the church, and the deterioration of our culture is the result of the marginalization of the Bible. By joining me and pledging your monthly support, we can pump the Word of God directly into the veins of the church here in America. And we can be a voice in the darkness calling for the restoration of the Bible in our country. You will receive regular ministry updates, and all donations are tax deductible and should include our ministry department name and number, i.e. #630 Acts of the Word/Laughlin.”

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