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Are We Making Excuses For Sin?

I started out to write a response to all of the hullabaloo going on in society – and not just in our country. However, as I was reading, researching, and praying my article took a turn towards sin. I realized that our problem is not a law and order thing – it’s a God thing. As nations we have turned away from how God and Christ told us we needed to live. This nation, and…


Regarding Beck’s “Next Two Generations”

A Response to Glenn Beck’s article “The Next Two Generations Will Achieve a Very Different American Dream”

Back To The Future Day

Laws of the Universe

I am very grateful that God has put checks on us via the natural laws in the universe. Now, let me explain why.

What's the Point 1c

What’s the Point?

I forget when I first stumbled upon the Book of Ecclesiastes. I remember I started to give it the cursory glance once-over and, at first, took it to mean that everything we do is pointless. If that is the case, then why care at all.

Pastor David Jones of Village Church of Barrington

A Strong Delusion

On July 25, 2015, Pastor David Jones of Village Church of Barrington preached a sermon titled “A Strong Delusion” on sexual identity and modern cultural trends.



It is hard not to get caught up in all of the election fervor going on currently. People on both sides of the aisle are fighting mad; and this election promises to be one that will chart the course of the country for at least the next decade, if not beyond.

The Burbs - I'm a shell of a man

Shell of a Man

I’ve always thought of this as an interesting little idea – that we all live inside a shell of our own making. “I’m a shell of a man, because of you Art!” This is a quote from one of the quintessential movies of the late 1980’s, The Burbs, starring Tom Hanks.

Keith Green - For Him Who Has Ears To Hear
Cleaning Up For A Bath

Cleaning Up For A Bath

I grew up in the 1980’s at a time when Christian music and entertainment were just starting to grow and come into their own. There were several Christian comedians that cut records and were giving live performances. One such comedian was named Mike Warnke.

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